Radha Chaube The International Congress of Neuroendocrinology 2014

Radha Chaube

Dr. Radha Chaube is presently working as Assistant Professor of Zoology in the Women’s College of Banaras Hindu University , Varanasi, India. She obtained the Ph.D degree from the Banaras Hindu Universityon her research work on catecholamine - mediated regulation of gonadotropin secretion and reproduction in catfish. She moved to Japan under the JSPS post doctoral fellow to work in National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki, on molecular mechanisms of sexual dimorphism in medaka fish brain. She also investigated the effects of sex steroids on the expression of dimorphic genes during critical period of growth and differentiation and its role in sexual plasticity of the brain. As a Women Scientist under Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi, she continued the work on molecular cloning characterization and functional significance of P450 aromatase gene in the catfish. She was a recipient of other National and International fellowships awards like Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, visiting Post –Doc Scientist INRA, France, INSA-Indo-Australia etc. She is life member of various National and International professional bodies like Society for Reproductive Biology and Comparative Endocrinology, International Brain Research Organization, Indian Group of Neuroendocrinologists (affiliated to International Neuroendocrinology Federation), Indian Academy of Neurosciences, Society of Biotechnologists (India). Her current Research areas include molecular studies on P450 aromatase, gonadotropin, vasotocin and vasotocin receptors, tyrosine hydroxylase, tryptophan hydroxylase and sex-determining genes and neurosteroids and impact of endocrine disruptors (alkyl phenols, heavy metals) on fish reproduction. She is actively involved in teaching and research activities, guiding undergraduate, post graduate and research students under various programmes.

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