Kyungjin Kim The International Congress of Neuroendocrinology 2014

Kyungjin Kim

Kyungjin Kim is professor of Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Department of Biological Sciences of Seoul National University. He was director of the Brain Research Center which administered the 21st century frontier program in neuroscience supported by Korean government from 2003 to 2013. He graduated from Seoul National University with B.S. in 1975 and 1979. He received his P.D. in neuroendocrinology at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1985. He did post-doctoral works at University of Illinois and Columbia University. He has been working in the areas of neuroendocrinology and chronobiology. His current research interests are to elucidate 1) neurobiological bases of the mammalian biological clock mechanism, 2) synaptic plasticity of maternal stress in the hippocampus and amygdala, and 3) neuroendocrine mechanism underlying the hypothalamic GnRH pulse generation. He published more than 200 articles, and was editor-in-chief of Mol. Cells and associate editor of Mol. Reproduction & Development and is currently in editorial board members in Frontiers in Neuroendocrinoogy, Progress in Neurobiology, Neuroendocrinology. He received numerous accolades including MokAm bioscience award (1997) and Award from the Korea National Academy of Science (2010). He is member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology since 1999.

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