Femke T.A. Buisman-Pijlman The International Congress of Neuroendocrinology 2014

Femke T.A. Buisman-Pijlman

Femke Buisman-Pijlman is a Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Pharmacology at the University of Adelaide specialising in Addiction Studies. She obtained her MSc in Biology at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) and her PhD degree in behavioural neuroscience at the Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience. This started her interest in individual differences in the susceptibility to stress and addiction. In 2007, Femke came to Australia to the University of Adelaide to start the new MSc in Addiction Studies. She is now responsible for coordinating all postgraduate degrees in alcohol and drug studies in the School of Medical Sciences. Femkeā€™s research focuses on the long-term effects of early life on addiction using animal and human study designs. Her main focus is on understanding the role of the endogenous oxytocin system and immune system in susceptibility of addiction.

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