Tatiana Fiordelisio The International Congress of Neuroendocrinology 2014

Tatiana Fiordelisio

She received her master in Biology in 1996 with the study of PRL postraductional changes, in 2002 finish her PhD in Biomedicine in the National University of México studying pituitary neuronal markers and the effect of physiological conditions and secretagoge stimulation on intracellular calcium activity in gonadotrophs and lactotrophs in pituitary slices. Following Posdoctoral studies in the Max Planck Institute fur Experimentalle Medizin, using TIRF microscopy to follow membrane calcium changes and gonadotrophs secretion and in the Institute of Neurobiology in México studying the paracrine regulation of PRL secretion; during last years she has been working with Dr. Mollard group (Institut de Genomique Fonctionelle, France) on the study of pituitary pericytes and the control of the blood flow and hormone output. Since 2007 she is Full Professor in Comparative Neurophysiology department at the UNAM in México, where her principal interest is the study of the adaptive changes that pituitary cells most achieve in order to respond the different physiological and pathological demands of organism.

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