Oral Presentation The International Congress of Neuroendocrinology 2014

Effects of stress on glial cells (#103)

Rohan Walker 1
  1. University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW

Glial cells exhibit a remarkable ability to undergo significant structural remodelling in order to engage and connect with other elements within the central nervous system. Efficient remodeling is required for all activities that glia are involved in ranging from monitoring synaptic information flow through to phagocytosis of tissue debris. Despite the fact that morphological remodeling is a pre-requisite many glial activities, relatively little research has been undertaken on the topic.  Our research group has been interested in examining  how glia transform themselves during development, and in response to stress induced changes in neuronal activity. Specific attention in this talk will be given to exploring a variety of models that have been proposed to account for glial transformation as well as the signals that are known to trigger these transformations.